This gorgeous jacket with 2 collars is unique and perfect for those who like to stand up.This item is 100% cotton from Senoufo traditional handmade woven fabric in Northern part of Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. Can be wore with jean, pant or dress. 

Although we try our best to match garment prints as shown in the pictures but due to the random nature of the pattern, all items are handmade and the item you receive may have the pattern in a different position on the item to the one pictured. Therefore each item is unique.

Made specifically for one person. Items are not mass produced, its a production for one person at a time. It's possible to request made to measure according to your size. 



·         Handmade item from Cote d’Ivoire

·         Color: Old Pink, brown 

.         Open jacket

·         Material: 100%  Cotton, Senoufo traditional handmade woven fabric

.         Please dry clean for best results or hang dry, DO NOT BLEACH, do not use washing machine 

·         Ships worldwide from United States-We will provide a tracking number once the item has been dispatched. 

Size available: M

Standard Size Measurements are as follows:

Size XS (US S 0-2) 
BUST: 33" - 34" 
WAIST: 26-27"
HIPS: 36" - 38" 

Size S (US S 4-6)
BUST: 35" - 36"
WAIST: 28" - 29"
HIPS: 39" - 41"

Size M (US S 8-10)
BUST: 37"-38"
WAIST: 30" - 31"
HIPS: 42" - 44"

Size L (US 12-14)
BUST: 39"- 40"
WAIST: 32"- 33"
HIPS: 45" - 47"

Size XL (US 14-16)
WAIST: 34'-35"
HIPS: 45"-47"

Size XXL (US 18-20)
BUST: 43"-44"
WAIST: 36"-38"
HIPS: 48"-50"